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List of Candidates offered Provisional Admission into the PostGraduate School for the 2017/2018 Academic Session

S/No Application Number Candidate Name Gender Programme
1.PG1702059Musa, NomsuMaleM. Sc. Environmental Microbiology
2.PG1702204Umar, Hafsat MusaFemaleM. Sc. Environmental Microbiology
3.PG1702243Sani, MaryamFemaleM. Sc. Environmental Microbiology
4.PG1702347Boman, Godwin MarkMaleM. Sc. Environmental Microbiology
5.PG1702400Simon, Rebecca IbrahimFemaleM. Sc. Environmental Microbiology
6.PG1702412Fain, Murna JummaiFemaleM. Sc. Environmental Microbiology
7.PG1703493Said, Hafsat BalaFemaleM. Sc. Environmental Microbiology
8.PG1703623Adeke, Moses AgashuaMaleM. Sc. Environmental Microbiology
9.PG1704066Aduwu, AfunuFemaleM. Sc. Environmental Microbiology
10.PG1705071Abdullahi, AminuMaleM. Sc. Environmental Microbiology
11.PG1705375Daniel, Dorothy KuyetFemaleM. Sc. Environmental Microbiology
12.PG1705915James, Hosea DodoMaleM. Sc. Environmental Microbiology
13.PG1700754Saidu, AminuMaleM. Sc. Fisheries & Aquaculture
14.PG1701003Musa, Abubakar YerimaMaleM. Sc. Fisheries & Aquaculture
15.PG1702621Muazu, Asmau AbdulFemaleM. Sc. Fisheries & Aquaculture
16.PG1703065Pender, Mercy AkupeFemaleM. Sc. Fisheries & Aquaculture
17.PG1704808Haruna, Emmanuel NokMaleM. Sc. Fisheries & Aquaculture
18.PG1705711Badru, Rashidat AdeyemiFemaleM. Sc. Fisheries & Aquaculture
19.PG1700334Aliyu, AishaFemaleM. Sc. Food & Industrial Microbiology
20.PG1701230Ayoade, Rukayat BiodunFemaleM. Sc. Food & Industrial Microbiology
21.PG1701292Ibosiola, TolulopeFemaleM. Sc. Food & Industrial Microbiology
22.PG1701886Usman, HamzaMaleM. Sc. Food & Industrial Microbiology
23.PG1701920Umar, Fatima AdamuFemaleM. Sc. Food & Industrial Microbiology
24.PG1702300Kureh, DanjumaMaleM. Sc. Food & Industrial Microbiology
25.PG1703044Abubakar, HaliraFemaleM. Sc. Food & Industrial Microbiology
26.PG1703511Abdulmumini, Zainab BelloFemaleM. Sc. Food & Industrial Microbiology
27.PG1703624Musa, Halima HakuriFemaleM. Sc. Food & Industrial Microbiology
28.PG1704024Mechho Mohammed, HurairaFemaleM. Sc. Food & Industrial Microbiology
29.PG1704476Kureh, Andrew EmmanuelMaleM. Sc. Food & Industrial Microbiology
30.PG1704677Ibrahim, Amina LawalMaleM. Sc. Food & Industrial Microbiology
31.PG1704865Thomas, Blessing PeterFemaleM. Sc. Food & Industrial Microbiology
32.PG1705467Abubakar Abba, SuleimanMaleM. Sc. Food & Industrial Microbiology
33.PG1705532Musa, SamailaMaleM. Sc. Food & Industrial Microbiology
34.PG1705552Mamman, Mevye NancyFemaleM. Sc. Food & Industrial Microbiology
35.PG1706077Maji, EmmanuellaFemaleM. Sc. Food & Industrial Microbiology
36.PG1707154Ahmed, AminaFemaleM. Sc. Food & Industrial Microbiology
37.PG1700072Yahaya, Umar BambaleMaleM. Sc. Geography
38.PG1700075Isah, Mubarak AdamMaleM. Sc. Geography
39.PG1700117Maude, Audu MathiasMaleM. Sc. Geography
40.PG1700134Dangiwa, Jonathan StephenMaleM. Sc. Geography
41.PG1700347Kwas, Loveth IshayaFemaleM. Sc. Geography
42.PG1700414Anthony, Theresa AnyiloFemaleM. Sc. Geography
43.PG1701153Maikori, Benjamin BakoMaleM. Sc. Geography
44.PG1701186Bauche, FaithFemaleM. Sc. Geography
45.PG1701269Iliya, Dorcas DanielFemaleM. Sc. Geography
46.PG1701474Dariya, Kabzeyan HelenFemaleM. Sc. Geography
47.PG1701988Michael, Jonathan OchoyodaMaleM. Sc. Geography
48.PG1702055Akhakpe, EfeMaleM. Sc. Geography
49.PG1702331Akan, MarcusMaleM. Sc. Geography
50.PG1702358Ogbole, RobertMaleM. Sc. Geography
51.PG1702555Dogo, SimeonMaleM. Sc. Geography
52.PG1702929Nuhu, Umar, YahayaMaleM. Sc. Geography
53.PG1702951Garba, DaudaMaleM. Sc. Geography
54.PG1703081Enam, Joseph WilliamsMaleM. Sc. Geography
55.PG1703139Muhammad, KabiruMaleM. Sc. Geography
56.PG1703402Abbas, FatimaFemaleM. Sc. Geography
57.PG1703730Umaru, SilasMaleM. Sc. Geography
58.PG1704114Bature, Oscar GregoryMaleM. Sc. Geography
59.PG1704573Philip, Amina VictoriaFemaleM. Sc. Geography
60.PG1704821Dzingina, Patricia GyeiyokFemaleM. Sc. Geography
61.PG1705384Muhammad, Kabir HassanMaleM. Sc. Geography
62.PG1705415Danjuma, Monday EmmanuelMaleM. Sc. Geography
63.PG1705632Patrick, Diana KFemaleM. Sc. Geography
64.PG1705830Odeh, Irene Gloria EneFemaleM. Sc. Geography
65.PG1707450Duchi, Fidelis ChristopherMaleM. Sc. Geography
66.PG1700097Bala Ahmad, IsahMaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
67.PG1700292Idris, ZubairuMaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
68.PG1700375Yusuf, Jemimah ShekwoiayanFemaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
69.PG1700672Bako, GyeyockFemaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
70.PG1700891Maharazu, Khadija KubauFemaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
71.PG1700947Umechukwu, Chinyere LindaFemaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
72.PG1701028Adamu, FauziyyaFemaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
73.PG1701114Dodo, Jacob CleopasMaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
74.PG1701244Abdullahi, SaadatuFemaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
75.PG1701543Sabo, Hauwa MohammedFemaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
76.PG1701545Shuaibu, YahayaMaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
77.PG1701546Hamza, Bashirat TitilayoFemaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
78.PG1701566Onaolapo, Yetunde AminatFemaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
79.PG1701947Kabir, Maryam AhmadFemaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
80.PG1702097Ashiru, Sakina YusufFemaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
81.PG1702289Tijani Abubakar, AhmedMaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
82.PG1702378Turman, BenjaminMaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
83.PG1702495Kukwi, Zainab SuzieFemaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
84.PG1702841Butt, Afia QanwelFemaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
85.PG1702842Abdullahi, Attah AlfaMaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
86.PG1702991Eriba, Hilary OgbuMaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
87.PG1703147Mahmud, Hajara SaeedFemaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
88.PG1703280Muhammed, MuazuMaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
89.PG1703646Ameh, NafisaFemaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
90.PG1703798Adejo, Samuel OluwatobiMaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
91.PG1704092Joshua, Peace DohFemaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
92.PG1704704Garba, SamailaMaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
93.PG1705212Adamu, Zainab AbubakarFemaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
94.PG1705441Sambo, HussainaFemaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
95.PG1705571Suleiman, AdamuMaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
96.PG1705576Abdu, MohammedMaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
97.PG1705620Suleiman, UmarMaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
98.PG1705641Maryam, Buhari GidadoFemaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
99.PG1706048Gandu, KuwotFemaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology
100.PG1706601Onunaezeh, HarrisonMaleM. Sc. Medical Microbiology