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List of Candidates offered Provisional Admission into the PostGraduate School for the 2017/2018 Academic Session

S/No Application Number Candidate Name Gender Programme
1.PG1700779Abdullahi, MansurMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
2.PG1700801Ahmad, AdamahFemaleM. A. Islamic Studies
3.PG1700813Yusuf, BadiyyaFemaleM. A. Islamic Studies
4.PG1700871Monkanjuola, HussainMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
5.PG1700907Yahaya, Abdurrahim AbdulkadirMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
6.PG1700943Muhammad, Bilkisu AbubakarFemaleM. A. Islamic Studies
7.PG1701095Idris, AbubakarMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
8.PG1701165Ahmad, SurayyahFemaleM. A. Islamic Studies
9.PG1701531Bello, HauwaFemaleM. A. Islamic Studies
10.PG1701541Yahaya, AishaFemaleM. A. Islamic Studies
11.PG1701571Yusuf, Muhammad AminuMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
12.PG1701585Abdullahi, Karimatu DahirFemaleM. A. Islamic Studies
13.PG1701608Garba, Yusuf HashimMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
14.PG1701617Abdullahi, Ibrahim YusufMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
15.PG1701620Khalid, Auwal MuhammadMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
16.PG1702118Hauwa, Uba BelloFemaleM. A. Islamic Studies
17.PG1702137Khalil, ZannaMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
18.PG1702152Idris, Kamardeen AdewumiMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
19.PG1702190Abdullahi, AdamuMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
20.PG1702361Ibrahim, Zainab KufenaFemaleM. A. Islamic Studies
21.PG1702388Bashir, Fatima MukhtarFemaleM. A. Islamic Studies
22.PG1702538Suleiman, Saleh SudaisMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
23.PG1702573Hauwaradda, Hauwa Abubakar UmarFemaleM. A. Islamic Studies
24.PG1703109Aliyu, Nafisah SaniFemaleM. A. Islamic Studies
25.PG1703344Anas, Shuaibu, AdamMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
26.PG1703626Muhammad Nuraddeen, HamzaMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
27.PG1703642Umar, Bashir AbdussalamMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
28.PG1703813Aliyu, Khadijat IdrisFemaleM. A. Islamic Studies
29.PG1704012Damau, Isah MaigidaMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
30.PG1704175Muhammed Bello, IsmailMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
31.PG1704300Babayo, Bilkisu AdamuFemaleM. A. Islamic Studies
32.PG1704397Rasheed, Muhammad HarunaMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
33.PG1704423Haliru, HamisuMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
34.PG1704430Umar, Hauwa AbubakarFemaleM. A. Islamic Studies
35.PG1704518Abdullahi, AliyuMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
36.PG1704532Muhammad, NuraMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
37.PG1704873Abubakar, Safiyya SaidFemaleM. A. Islamic Studies
38.PG1704997Adamu, Abdurrahman Al-ifirqiMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
39.PG1705422Suleiman Muhammed, SherifatuFemaleM. A. Islamic Studies
40.PG1705462Fatima Aliyu, AdamuFemaleM. A. Islamic Studies
41.PG1706878Abdullahi, Jadidah KatakoFemaleM. A. Islamic Studies
42.PG1706899Bello, Asmau MuhammadFemaleM. A. Islamic Studies
43.PG1707164Musa, Fadila SadaFemaleM. A. Islamic Studies
44.PG1707350Sabiu, Ibrahim MuhammadMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
45.PG1707428Ibrahim, MannirMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
46.PG1700090Abdullahi, Fatima SaniFemaleM. Sc. Accounting
47.PG1700111Wilson, BernardMaleM. Sc. Accounting
48.PG1700132Bulus, PolycarpMaleM. Sc. Accounting
49.PG1700133Bako, Gideon DavidMaleM. Sc. Accounting
50.PG1700168Okoro, Ijoma AnichoMaleM. Sc. Accounting
51.PG1700206Mohammed, HassanaFemaleM. Sc. Accounting
52.PG1700215Abubakar, IsmailaMaleM. Sc. Accounting
53.PG1700289Kazeem, Monsurat Kemi (nee Balogun)FemaleM. Sc. Accounting
54.PG1700290Edimeh, Joy MusaFemaleM. Sc. Accounting
55.PG1700321Lawal, Abdulmalik AdiyuMaleM. Sc. Accounting
56.PG1700376Usman, NuraMaleM. Sc. Accounting
57.PG1700410Abdulwahab, Anas IdrisMaleM. Sc. Accounting
58.PG1700431Jibril, Haruna SheriffMaleM. Sc. Accounting
59.PG1700593Enebi, Kester DanjumaMaleM. Sc. Accounting
60.PG1700656Andrew, GamalielMaleM. Sc. Accounting
61.PG1700786Okogu, RebeccaFemaleM. Sc. Accounting
62.PG1700845David, RichardMaleM. Sc. Accounting
63.PG1700890Ibrahim, HabeebMaleM. Sc. Accounting
64.PG1700895Muhammad, Magaji AdamuMaleM. Sc. Accounting
65.PG1700962Obeya, Vincent AgabaMaleM. Sc. Accounting
66.PG1701137Bulama, Danjuma UmarMaleM. Sc. Accounting
67.PG1701246Ajagbonna, Florence BoseFemaleM. Sc. Accounting
68.PG1701284Ghali, Usman HadizaFemaleM. Sc. Accounting
69.PG1701293Nwankwo, Anayo ErnestMaleM. Sc. Accounting
70.PG1701334Ali Dzarma, AbdulhamidMaleM. Sc. Accounting
71.PG1701412Para, IbrahimMaleM. Sc. Accounting
72.PG1701559Yahaya, Umar AhmadMaleM. Sc. Accounting
73.PG1701577Adams, Bamai MosesMaleM. Sc. Accounting
74.PG1701589Jamaa, Yunusa YahayaMaleM. Sc. Accounting
75.PG1701651Ahmed, MukhtarMaleM. Sc. Accounting
76.PG1701732Ogbumah, CharlesMaleM. Sc. Accounting
77.PG1701818Anyalewechi, Chijioke MadukakuMaleM. Sc. Accounting
78.PG1701848Samuel, Nicholas HassanMaleM. Sc. Accounting
79.PG1702015Mukhtar, Abdulaziz ShituMaleM. Sc. Accounting
80.PG1702023Aliyu, Saeed AbubakarMaleM. Sc. Accounting
81.PG1702108Ademola, OlubunmiFemaleM. Sc. Accounting
82.PG1702148Yakubu, Raudha`u BalarabeFemaleM. Sc. Accounting
83.PG1702203Bature, Ezra MindatMaleM. Sc. Accounting
84.PG1702240Ozavinoyi, AminuMaleM. Sc. Accounting
85.PG1702593Elias, Festus BiliyockMaleM. Sc. Accounting
86.PG1702614Madaki, AdamuMaleM. Sc. Accounting
87.PG1702671Adamu, Nasiru KanomaMaleM. Sc. Accounting
88.PG1702750Shuaibu, BashirMaleM. Sc. Accounting
89.PG1702753Akaolisa, Amaka GloryFemaleM. Sc. Accounting
90.PG1702916Umaru, MohammedMaleM. Sc. Accounting
91.PG1702980Onyung, SaviourMaleM. Sc. Accounting
92.PG1702982Bwala, Julius JohnMaleM. Sc. Accounting
93.PG1703015Tijjani, MustaphaMaleM. Sc. Accounting
94.PG1703027Alao, Ezekiel OyeniyiMaleM. Sc. Accounting
95.PG1703103Suleiman, HussainiMaleM. Sc. Accounting
96.PG1703112Manu, MudiMaleM. Sc. Accounting
97.PG1703133Nyam, Luke GideonMaleM. Sc. Accounting
98.PG1703199Mazadu, Gideon GadoMaleM. Sc. Accounting
99.PG1703208Idris, FaisalMaleM. Sc. Accounting
100.PG1703227Madaki, Shehu MuhammadMaleM. Sc. Accounting