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List of Candidates offered Provisional Admission into the PostGraduate School for the 2017/2018 Academic Session

S/No Application Number Candidate Name Gender Programme
1.PG1701415Frank, Goje JuniorMaleM. A. English Language
2.PG1701678Yarima, Ibrahim IdrissMaleM. A. English Language
3.PG1701843Abdullahi, AishatFemaleM. A. English Language
4.PG1701899Marshal, Jenom MarionFemaleM. A. English Language
5.PG1701919Sammani, EmmanuelMaleM. A. English Language
6.PG1701945Joseph, RoseFemaleM. A. English Language
7.PG1702117Paul, Patricia NaanshepFemaleM. A. English Language
8.PG1702212Suleiman, AishaFemaleM. A. English Language
9.PG1702223Sankwai, Helen ThompsonFemaleM. A. English Language
10.PG1702267Abdulsalam, Nimat OyizaFemaleM. A. English Language
11.PG1702445Jakada, Nana JoyceFemaleM. A. English Language
12.PG1702478Abbey, Esther EfeFemaleM. A. English Language
13.PG1702589Ndaks, Kingsley FumenMaleM. A. English Language
14.PG1702601Idowu, Joy IyaboFemaleM. A. English Language
15.PG1702610Sylvanus, Deborah MaidadFemaleM. A. English Language
16.PG1702620Doma, Amina BalarabeFemaleM. A. English Language
17.PG1702628Joyce, Andrew DogaraFemaleM. A. English Language
18.PG1702643Musa, Rabi MaryamFemaleM. A. English Language
19.PG1702733Dominic, Gladys AshiyoFemaleM. A. English Language
20.PG1702765Peter, Gloria IntoFemaleM. A. English Language
21.PG1702857Hassan, Salisu AudiMaleM. A. English Language
22.PG1702905Garba, AminatuFemaleM. A. English Language
23.PG1702979Umar, ZainabFemaleM. A. English Language
24.PG1703051Abubakar, Fatima KabirFemaleM. A. English Language
25.PG1703138Mumuni, Hafsatu YusufFemaleM. A. English Language
26.PG1703389Nkom, Gloria KuntyinFemaleM. A. English Language
27.PG1703466Dangana, Hassana AliyuFemaleM. A. English Language
28.PG1703503Marshal, Martha JoshuaFemaleM. A. English Language
29.PG1703598Dauda, Bitrus RoseFemaleM. A. English Language
30.PG1703764Ihenacho, Vodni GraceFemaleM. A. English Language
31.PG1703840Ogunniyi, Rachael DamilolaFemaleM. A. English Language
32.PG1704020Dalhat, Muhammad MurtalaMaleM. A. English Language
33.PG1704022Agofure, Victor EfonaMaleM. A. English Language
34.PG1704027Yahaya, Hajarat AbubakarFemaleM. A. English Language
35.PG1704406Godwin, Grace OjonugwaFemaleM. A. English Language
36.PG1704622Bonet, Lami DanielFemaleM. A. English Language
37.PG1704746Ayuba, Aishat ShetuFemaleM. A. English Language
38.PG1704799Mustapha, MundiMaleM. A. English Language
39.PG1704986Ladan, Slim BarnikiFemaleM. A. English Language
40.PG1705104Guyit, Sunday PatrickMaleM. A. English Language
41.PG1705394Abdul, SalisuMaleM. A. English Language
42.PG1705878Chiroma, Zara KudlaFemaleM. A. English Language
43.PG1706547Bello, NuhuMaleM. A. Hausa (Culture)
44.PG1706782Muhammad, SafiyaFemaleM. A. Hausa (Culture)
45.PG1706821Saleh, Zainab AbuFemaleM. A. Hausa (Culture)
46.PG1706830Ibrahim, Yusuf ZuntuMaleM. A. Hausa (Culture)
47.PG1707054Safiya, Ibrahim MailafiyaFemaleM. A. Hausa (Culture)
48.PG1707143Isa, MurtalaMaleM. A. Hausa (Culture)
49.PG1707312Yusuf, BintaFemaleM. A. Hausa (Culture)
50.PG1705251Haliru, Umma YahayaFemaleM. A. Hausa (Language)
51.PG1706776Bala, IsahMaleM. A. Hausa (Language)
52.PG1706780Yusuf, JajereMaleM. A. Hausa (Language)
53.PG1706800Abba, Karima SalisuFemaleM. A. Hausa (Language)
54.PG1706812Kabir, Ahmad NachaMaleM. A. Hausa (Language)
55.PG1706852Aliyu, MikailuMaleM. A. Hausa (Language)
56.PG1706989Mohammed, Musa JafarMaleM. A. Hausa (Language)
57.PG1707071Rilwanu, Shamsuddeen ShehuMaleM. A. Hausa (Language)
58.PG1707091Yahaya, DaudaMaleM. A. Hausa (Language)
59.PG1707162Dayyabu, Musa KonaMaleM. A. Hausa (Language)
60.PG1707174Aliyu, UmarMaleM. A. Hausa (Language)
61.PG1707196Bambale, TijjaniMaleM. A. Hausa (Language)
62.PG1707224Jibril, Muhammad SalisuMaleM. A. Hausa (Language)
63.PG1707328Ahmed, HayatuMaleM. A. Hausa (Language)
64.PG1706862Dalha, Abubakar BakoriMaleM. A. Hausa (Literature)
65.PG1706991Aminu, Muhammad ChibadoMaleM. A. Hausa (Literature)
66.PG1707030Maryam, BuhariFemaleM. A. Hausa (Literature)
67.PG1707034Saadatu, AbdullahiFemaleM. A. Hausa (Literature)
68.PG1707139Galadima, Mubarak SobaMaleM. A. Hausa (Literature)
69.PG1707244Ahmad, Tajuddeen HauwaFemaleM. A. Hausa (Literature)
70.PG1707253Aminu, FatimaFemaleM. A. Hausa (Literature)
71.PG1700674Lukman, AbubakarMaleM. A. History
72.PG1700852Ahmad Rilwan, RilwanMaleM. A. History
73.PG1701195Josiah, RuthFemaleM. A. History
74.PG1701309Amos, BarnabasMaleM. A. History
75.PG1701526Usman, Umar BelloMaleM. A. History
76.PG1701681Jerry, Evelyn NtareFemaleM. A. History
77.PG1701742Rugah, Naomi AnthonyFemaleM. A. History
78.PG1701879Funsho, FelixMaleM. A. History
79.PG1702360Katoh, Jesse HarunaMaleM. A. History
80.PG1702380Sani, UmarMaleM. A. History
81.PG1702586Ahmadu, GomnaMaleM. A. History
82.PG1702595Yahaya, Mathew YohanaMaleM. A. History
83.PG1702995Aorkwagh, Jerome ShinyiMaleM. A. History
84.PG1703474Akoka, Macdonald LukaMaleM. A. History
85.PG1703507Ibrahim, Stephen SuleMaleM. A. History
86.PG1704138Aliyu, Fatimah MurtalaFemaleM. A. History
87.PG1704420Musa Ibrahim, NoraFemaleM. A. History
88.PG1704765Idris, SadiqMaleM. A. History
89.PG1705567Emmanuel, Bossan GadohMaleM. A. History
90.PG1705574Ali, Muhammad SabiuMaleM. A. History
91.PG1705911Yakubu, BelloMaleM. A. History
92.PG1707512Kwairanga, MaryamFemaleM. A. History
93.PG1700175Umar, Sani FarukMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
94.PG1700217Idris Imam, NusaibaFemaleM. A. Islamic Studies
95.PG1700509Musa, Muhammad SalisuMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
96.PG1700557Talatu, AbbasFemaleM. A. Islamic Studies
97.PG1700591Isiaka, Jelili OlatunjiMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
98.PG1700726Suleiman Abdurrahaman, KawuMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
99.PG1700742Umar, Habib MahmudMaleM. A. Islamic Studies
100.PG1700762Bashir Usman, YakubuMaleM. A. Islamic Studies